Mesothelioma Commercial Ads – What to know?

Mesothelioma Commercial Ads are often scary, urging you to find lawyers and take immediate legal actions. In fact, some of them may seem to have misleading messages.

Genuine mesothelioma law firms, who really want to help people also fund many mesothelioma commercial ads. Before you act, there are some important points for you to know about.

What Is Asbestos and How It Relates to Mesothelioma?

In previous years, many industries made use of Asbestos, a fibrous mineral. They include shipbuilding, construction materials, and also the automobile industry.

These fibers are usually sharp and tiny. They also become airborne easily. So, the individuals working in the location happen to inhale or ingest them. After that, these fibers lodge on tissues, damage them, and cause irritation over time.

Moreover, such people may later develop serious conditions like pleural mesothelioma. For this reason, the ads target individuals who work in environments that may have asbestos exposure.

Why Mesothelioma Commercial Ads Are Shown Frequently?

There are only about 3,000 mesothelioma diagnoses that happen every year in the US. In spite of these low numbers, you can see too many ads for the disease and asbestos lawsuits.

Due to the regulations, many industries stopped using asbestos in the 1970s. However, mesothelioma forms have longer latency periods. So, many individuals exposed to asbestos before have started showing symptoms now. They are also in need of legal help.

The traces of most mesothelioma cases relate to one or a few companies. The settlement awards, typically, are also generous. In other words, dealing with asbestos cases may be a lucrative business for law firms. For this reason, they pay for many mesothelioma commercial ads and attract new clients.

Who Is Behind Mesothelioma Commercial Ads?

In most cases, the law firms that deal with personal injuries pay for the mesothelioma commercial ads. Moreover, these lawyers have specialization in taking legal actions on negligent companies, causing illness or injury.

In most cases, past asbestos-producing companies and employers are often found negligent.

Can Any Attorney Handle Mesothelioma Cases?

In short, No! Mesothelioma cases are often quite challenging to solve. Even experienced lawyers may have to face a tough time solving these cases.

Since the exposes occurred decades ago, it is difficult to trace. Moreover, there may not be a single event that caused this condition. So, the law firms seek the work history of their clients and evidence to determine the exposure. In this way, they held the previous employers or companies responsible for the victim’s condition

Can I Trust These Ads?

In most cases, bona fide law firms specialized in asbestos cases or personal injuries (all types) run these ads. So, the message can be entrusted. But, researching the history and background of any law firm and its lawyers is important, before choosing them.

Check their websites and contact info. Enquire about their experiences in dealing with these types of cases and also collect feedback from their previous clients, if possible. All these factors may help to build trust in such law firms.

How Asbestos Trusts are Funded?

As a protocol, companies associated with asbestos production or using asbestos products must warn their employees. However, many of them were found negligible, harming the previous employees. So, they are held liable by law.

Many of such companies, already filed for bankruptcy, protecting themselves from lawsuits. But the government regulations mandated them to create trusts and pay at least a portion of claims, related to asbestos cases.

As a result, more than 50 trusts were formed for settling asbestos claims. Their combined asset value is estimated to be about 30 billion USD. The trust management pays the compensations based on certain criteria such as level of disease, medical history of the patients, etc.

How Do Mesothelioma Lawyers Get Their Fees?

Most mesothelioma lawyers get their fees on a contingency basis. That is to say, clients pay lawyers after they get the after receiving their compensation. This also means, if clients do not get any compensation, they will pay nothing to lawyers on their behalf.

Depending on cases, the compensation ranges from just covering medical expenses to huge settlement amounts (millions of dollars). Accordingly, the clients pay their lawyers.

Should I Call Now?

The mesothelioma commercial ads often urge the mesothelioma patients to call immediately. Though some consider it an overstatement, there is a genuine reason behind this message.

Different states impose different time limits (statutes of limitation) to claim the funds. In most cases, it ranges from 1 – 5 years from the diagnose date. After this time limit, you cannot claim compensation.

Moreover, mesothelioma patients have an average life expectancy of 12 – 21 months. This is also one of the reasons for the time limit. However, the family members of such patients can claim the compensation within the time limit, even after the patient’s death.

Therefore, it is important to collect all the information regarding the disease, working history, etc. before contacting any law firm.

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